10+ Best Christmas Gifts 2022: Ideas for Everyone

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Christmas is the best holiday for gift giving. A statistic shows that in North America, the most symbolic traditional custom of Christmas is to receive and open gifts on Christmas Day, the support rate of the item is as high as 45%, far ahead of other Christmas customs. In this holiday of exchanging gifts with each other, people not only need Christmas gifts, but also need Christmas gift ideas, how to choose Christmas gifts consumes a lot of brain cells. This article provides both, and I hope it can help you.

The basic principles of choosing Christmas gifts

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), the average American spent $648 on Christmas gifts in 2021 and will spend no less than that in 2022. It makes the most sense to spend that money according to the following principles.

Choose the Five Senses Gift

The ancient Chinese philosopher Xunzi said in his analysis of human nature that "the eyes are good for the five colors, the ears are good for the five sounds, and the mouth is good for the five tastes", which in today's parlance means that people have their own preferences for sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. These common human intuition determines people's preferences, and choosing gifts based on their preferences will always receive the greatest goodwill.
Selecting gifts based on the target audience

Choosing gifts based on the target is another basic principle. In this regard, 96% of Americans will buy gifts for family, 68% will buy Christmas gifts for friends, and only 31% will buy gifts for co-workers. This statistical classification and data is a good way to distinguish between close and distant. Theoretically, the finer the segmentation of the pairs, the more targeted the choice of gifts. For those who decide to buy a Christmas gift, the following categories can also be followed.

Christmas gifts for girls

New Zealand Lowrey Foods

New Zealand Lowrey Foods produces the best baked goods and sweets in the world. For girls who love good food, there is no better Christmas gift than this.
New Zealand Lowrey uses the world's best ingredients to produce a variety of delicious treats including butter cookies, nougatcrunchy cheese, etc. Their butter cookies are known as the "Hermes" of cookies, made with New Zealand organic butter, and are the most delicious butter cookies in the world. Six flavors are available: Original, Matcha, Dark Chocolate, Mocha, Raspberry and Black Sesame.

Lowrey Foods offers a variety of gift box combinations, either of which will surprise the recipient of the gift.

Fourier's skin care gift box

Girls take the protection of their skin very seriously and it is important for them to keep their skin hydrated in time. Furex's gift set contains a variety of skin care masks that are sure to satisfy girls' desires.

Christmas gifts for guys

Gillette Electric Razor

Keeping neat and tidy at all times is a need for every man. As an internationally renowned shaving care brand, Gillette electric razors are a very popular gift for men, and every man will not mind having more than one razor, or even be proud of it.

Omega Watches

Watches in modern times are no longer about its time function, but more about the status and position. As a top brand of watches, giving a man an Omega watch as a Christmas gift will make his status in your heart self-evident.

Christmas gifts for the elderly

Philips Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

The most important concern of the elderly is their health. Oral health is a guarantee of quality of life for the elderly. Philips electric toothbrush is a brand recommended by dentists, Philips ultrasonic electric toothbrush is not only powerful and beautiful design, has a full sense of seniority, is a good Christmas gift.

Bodi-Tek neck and shoulder massager

This neck and shoulder massager has a dozen of gears to massage the neck and shoulders, with minimal sound and light weight, relieving fatigue and stress.
Christmas gifts for children

New Zealand Lowrey Nougat

Children are looking forward to Santa Claus stuffing their stockings by the fireplace with Christmas candy. The New Zealand Lowrey Nougat is the perfect one, and when the delicate little red tin appears in front of the kids, they will definitely love it. This kind of nougat with the genes of classical European nougat, with New Zealand's high-quality dairy products made of nougat, the taste will definitely make the children never forget.

LEGO toys

The quality of Lego toys is undeniable, as is their popularity with children. Buy a beautiful and realistic LEGO bouquet as a Christmas gift and let the kids form their own goldfish grass, roses, daisies and other kinds of flowers, which will surely make Christmas more interesting.

Summing up

The above gives ideas and recommended items for buying Christmas gifts, without having to look deeper into whether they are the best Christmas gifts. The American short film novelist O'Henry has already shown us the way in his famous novel "The Christmas Gift": the husband and wife, who are the main characters, each sold their most cherished items and bought accessories of each other's cherished items as Christmas gifts in order to give each other the best Christmas gifts. That's when they realized that love is the best Christmas gift.

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