Gift Guides 2022: Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone

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According to incomplete statistics, there are 13 official holidays and 6 traditional holidays that are not included in the official holidays in North America, totaling 19. But there are not so many holidays that have the tradition of giving holiday gifts. This article selects the holidays that are suitable for giving holiday gifts, describes why they are suitable and what gifts are appropriate.

New Year's gifts

New Year's funny words

Different civilizations around the world have their own New Year, and the date of the New Year can occur in all seasons. However, in North America, New Year's Day refers to January 1 of each year, and it has been proven that it was the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar who set this date as the first day of the year. The Romans celebrated this day by making offerings to the gods, exchanging festive gifts with each other, decorating their homes with laurel branches, and attending parties. From B.C. to the present, people in North America have kept this tradition of gift-giving intact.

Gift Recommendations

Food is the best New Year's gift, clothes, electronics, toys, and books are also popular.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day Fun Facts

Valentine's Day is a Christian holiday that falls on February 14. In honor of a martyr named Valentine, it is said that he took the initiative to write the first letter to his lover. And before that, men and women were paired up by drawing names from a jar on a specific day. As time evolved, the day was gradually given the connotation of romantic love. The traditional custom of Valentine's Day is to give gifts to each other between lovers.

Gift Recommendations

Greeting cards, flowers and candy are the traditional Valentine's Day gifts.

Easter Gifts

Easter Fun Facts

Easter is best known for its eggs and rabbits. Easter eggs originated in Mesopotamia, and their ancestors were dyed eggs. The Easter bunny originated in Germany. Both are related to gifts, one is a container for gifts and the other is a gift-giving mascot. The gifts usually contained in Easter eggs are candies.

Gift recommendation

Candy is a traditional gift for Easter.

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Fun Facts

Mother's Day was born in 1907, but did not become a legal holiday in the United States until 1914. Before the U.S. Congress approved it, there was controversy over whether to establish Mother-in-Law's Day based on fairness. Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother's Day, believed that Mother's Day was meant for every family to honor their mothers, not to honor all the mothers in the world.

Gift Recommendations

Flowers: A carnation, the most traditional gift for Mother's Day.

Father's Day Gift

Father's Day Fun Facts

Father's Day encountered many dissenting opinions at its inception, one of which was that it diminished the supremacy of the father as the head of the family. In North America, small family gatherings and gift-giving are an important part of Father's Day. Some statistics show that the United States now spends more than $1 billion on Father's Day gifts each year.

Gift Recommendations

Ties, hats, socks, golf clubs and other sporting goods

Halloween gifts

Halloween Fun Facts

Pumpkin lanterns, one of the symbols of Halloween, were originally made from hardened turnips until 1837, when they became prevalent after pioneers who immigrated to North America discovered large, soft, easy-to-carve local pumpkins. Halloween is a crazy time for candy, according to statistics, the total sales of Halloween candy accounted for a quarter of the annual candy sales in the United States.

Gift recommendations

Toffee, chocolate, pumpkin pie, New Zealand Dionne's Nougat and other kinds of candy

Christmas gifts

Christmas Funnies

Giving gifts to each other is one of the core activities of Christmas. Red, green and gold are the most suitable colors for Christmas gift wrapping. Santa Claus is based on Nicholas, the 4th century Greek bishop of Myra, a city in the Roman province of Lycia, who was known for his care of children, generosity and gift-giving.

Gift recommendations

Candy is the most common gift given by Santa Claus.

Any item that can be hung on a Christmas tree is a great Christmas gift. For example, New Zealand Lowrey Butter Cookies, butter shortbread, crunchy cheese, nougat and other kinds of deliciousness, beautifully packaged and sized, are the best choice for Christmas gifts.

Summing up

Candy is a universal holiday gift. Because people like sweets, it is not only a biological choice made by the importance of sugar to human survival in the process of biological evolution, but it can also psychologically bring people a good trust for the future. If you are having trouble choosing a gift, then go buy a candy. If you are having trouble choosing what candy to give, go to New Zealand Lowrey Foods and pick it up.

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