How To Repurpose Empty Cookie Tins? The Best Ways to Reuse a Cookie Tin

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Our world famous butter cookies and shortbread biscuits come in reusable cookie tins. Today we'll show you how to reuse and repurpose cookie tins to not only reduce landfill, but to also just have some fun with these nostalgic tins.

Use cookie tins as storage jars

Dye the cookie jar in your favorite color or stick it with your favorite stickers and use cardboard to make compartments to form separate compartments, so you can easily get a cute custom storage jar that can be used to store different types of small items or snacks or tea bags.

Cookie jars are also popular for making stitching kits.

Using cookie jars as shelves

String multiple cookie jars of different sizes together with sticks to make a multi-level shelf that is beautiful and innovative.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Cut a small hole in the bottom center of the tin can with a nail or electric drill.
  2. Make sure that the hole can be cut at least just enough to allow the studs to pass through, and then use the screws screwed in the studs at both ends, clamping the tin cans.
  3. Use the lid at the bottom and then secure the cookie tins to the studs layer by layer, spacing them an equal distance apart.
  4. To avoid tipping, it is recommended that a maximum of 2 - 4 layers of cookie jars be strung together, not too many.
  5. Once the above is done, you can use each layer of the multi-level shelf to store different items.

The outside of the cookie jar can be beautified to make the shelf more beautiful and creative.

Cookie jars of the same size can be stacked together and placed in the kitchen for sorting and arranging different ingredients or spices.

Use cookie jars as lampshades

Larger cookie jars can also be used to make lampshades, placed above the bed, unique and original.

Paint the outside of the cookie jar with your favorite color of paint, drill small holes in the bottom and add wires and bulbs. With a simple paint job and the addition of a light bulb, the cookie jar becomes a beautiful lampshade for the dining room.

Doesn't it feel great to eat in a dining room with homemade lamps like this?

Use the cookie jar as a wall hanging decoration

Decorate the cookie jar slightly and hang it on the wall with candles in the middle. It's extra moody and sets the mood for the holidays or a party.

Pin a cookie jar to the bathroom wall to hold rolls of paper or clean towels.

Put animal prints on the lid of the cookie jar and clip a long tail clip on the top to get a cute notepad. Use magnetic clips to attach important items to it, and staple a safety pin or hook to the wall or door to hang the board on to remind yourself of your daily tasks!

Use cookie jars as planters

Cookie jars can be used as containers for potted plants, which are ideal for drought-tolerant plants that do not require frequent watering, such as common succulents and cactus plants. After beautifying the outside of the jar, you can properly drill holes in the bottom and sides of the jar, then lay some broken tiles or pebbles on the bottom to ensure good drainage, then add some coarse sand, and finally slowly add loose and well-drained soil, then plant various drought- and heat-resistant plants, and you can play the role of a flower pot, which is no less than an ordinary flower pot.

Use cookie jars to make jewelry boxes

Adhere your favorite confetti to the outside of a cookie jar, decorate with pearls, lace and flowers, and you have a beautiful jewelry box!

Roll the fabric into a line in the cookie jar, you can use it to store rings and jewelry, although the actual space used is not much, but it is very beautiful.

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