7 Most Popular Foods You Have To Try In New Zealand [2024]

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Located deep in the ocean, 2200km away from the nearest continent, New Zealand is a popular international tourist destination with a pristine natural environment. There are countless local cuisines, among which these 7 most famous New Zealand cuisines are a must-try for everyone who comes to New Zealand.

Māori Hanggai Meal

Māori culture is the native culture of New Zealand, its most famous cultural custom is Māori war dance, and Māori Hanggai is the most Māori cultural characteristics of traditional food, is the best choice to feel the Māori culture with your stomach.

Māori Hanggi is made of chicken, pork, lamb, pumpkin, sweet potato and potato. The main feature of the meal is the preparation process, where the Maori dig a pit in the ground, wrap the ingredients in fireproof material and place them in the pit, which is heated by fire with rocks and then covered with earth.

The best place to taste Māori Hanggi meal is in Rotorua, North Island of New Zealand.

Kaikoura Lobster

New Zealand is an island nation that is rich in lobster, especially in Kaikoura, the South Island of New Zealand. The lobsters produced here are big and fat. In order to protect the lobster resources, the New Zealand government has specifically stipulated that the annual commercial catch cannot exceed 3000 tons, and male lobsters with tail width less than 54mm and female lobsters with tail width less than 60mm must be released.

In the streets of Kaikoura, there are many seafood food carts serving Kaikoura lobster made delicacies such as sashimi, white-bread, grilled, etc. The taste is superb.

Lowrey's Butter Cookies

New Zealand's dairy products are some of the best in the world. The butter cookies made by Lowrey's family in New Zealand with the best New Zealand organic butter are one of the best New Zealand delicacies to taste and very appealing to those who enjoy the best of life.

The Lowrey family's butter cookies have been passed down and fused with generations of craftsmanship, and are made with just four ingredients in six flavors: original, coffee, matcha, black sesame, raspberry, and chocolate.
In addition to butter cookies, Lowrey's crunchy cheese, shortbreads, and nougat are also delicious foods that are well worth tasting.

Fish and Chips

Fish and chips are the most common food in New Zealand, and can be bought at almost any location. A fish and chips is the most authentic way to refuel from shopping in New Zealand.

The fish and chips are made from New Zealand's abundant sea fish. The tender fish is coated with starch and fried just right, the skin is crispy and the flesh is tender. Not only outside restaurants, New Zealanders also make this food in their own homes. Since everyone can make it, there is not much difference in quality, so buy some anywhere to taste and label your tastebuds with New Zealand.

Roasted Sheep

New Zealand is full of sheep, a country on sheep's back, and the quality of sheep meat is world class. With New Zealand chef's unique roasting method and secret seasoning, New Zealand's roast sheep is extremely tasty and loved by consumers, and is the number one meat export in New Zealand. Walter's Peak in Queenstown, New Zealand is the most famous place to eat roast lamb.

Mount Cook Salmon

Although New Zealand is surrounded by sea, Mount Cook Salmon is a genuine farmed salmon, farmed in the cold water lake of Mount Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand. It is the highest salmon farm in the world, and the king salmon, which is rare in its natural environment, is farmed here. The food made with Mt. Cook salmon has been awarded the Top Taste Award by Gourmet Magazine.

New Zealand Pie

This is one of the foods you can only eat in New Zealand with very diverse flavors. New Zealanders wrapped everything with crispy buttery lasagna, there are butter curry chicken stuffed, potato stuffed, bacon and egg stuffed, steak and cheese stuffed, mint lamb stuffed, venison stuffed ......, one of the must try is the creamy abalone stuffed New Zealand pie. However, to taste the most traditional New Zealand pie, please choose the meat filled one.

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