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Crafting top-notch, gourmet dairy products that make it a breeze to become an at-home baker extraordinaire--this is what Suki Bakery Ltd. brings to the table with its New Zealand roots and renowned brands Lowrey Foods & Suki Bakery. With natural premium ingredients in each mix and instructions as easy as "just add water," everything you need for delicious culinary success awaits!

Lowrey Foods is a premium bakery based in New Zealand, renowned for its delicious and nutritious baked goods. We are passionate about providing our customers with high-quality products made with the finest ingredients and crafted to perfection.

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Lowrey hand-made butter cookies

Lowrey Foods is passionate about providing wholesome and healthy foods to families worldwide. From grass-fed cows, we produce fresh New Zealand milk carefully packaged into our special handcrafted butter cookies with no artificial additives. Suki Bakery then gives consumers the power of homemade health through ice cream & yogurt that can be whipped up at home for their family or guests - delivering nutritious meals they all feel good about!

Lowrey cookies - made with love

Enjoy the extraordinary taste and quality of Lowrey cookies! Our team of artisans has crafted every batch from only the finest, all-natural ingredients. With family recipes spanning generations, you can trust that these decadent treats are made with plenty of love and passion - no artificial flavors or preservatives needed. Enjoy our delicious selection now straight out of New Zealand to your door!

What Makes New Zealand Bakeries Unique?

New Zealand is known for its pure and clean environment, which provides us with the ideal conditions to grow the finest ingredients for our baked goods. Our country's unique geography and climate create a perfect growing environment for grains, fruits, and vegetables, which we use to make our delicious baked goods.

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