Best Butter for Cookies. This Article Tells You Everything.

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Those who are going to New Zealand will always try the local butter cookies, not because of the cookies but because of the butter.

What is butter made of?

Butter is made from milk. It is a fat extracted from milk. It is reportedly the most nutritious of dairy products and is an important ingredient in the preparation of many foods, including butter cookies, and is rich in amino acids, protein, and vitamin A, vitamin D, small amounts of vitamin K and carotene. Only 1 kg of butter can be made for every 22 kg of whole milk.

The milk source determines the quality of butter

According to information published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, New Zealand is the world's leading source of butter. In terms of dairy farming, New Zealand has a huge advantage. With its mild climate, vast grasslands, clear water and abundant rainfall, New Zealand is blessed with pristine natural pastures and is one of the world's three prime milk sources. The cows here are naturally free-range, naturally grass-fed, and eat fresh green grass all year round.

Grass-fed cows grow more slowly and have a lower fat percentage than captive grain-fed cows, but can accumulate more vitamins because grass-fed cows provide more unsaturated fatty acids and carotenoids than hay-fed cows, producing milk with more carotenoids and butter with a natural golden color and a higher content of healthy fats, such as vacuum acid and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which has anti-tumor properties.

Types of Butter

In terms of production process, butter is divided into regular butter and fermented butter.

Normal butter is obtained by separating the fat from fresh milk through centrifugal technology to obtain thin cream, and further concentrating the fat on the basis of thin cream, and the final result is normal butter.

Fermented butter is processed by fermentation process after getting thin cream, and then further concentrated fat. After fermentation, the creaminess is stronger and richer, with a light lactic taste, which can better balance the greasiness. The food produced by fermented butter has its own fermented aroma, which makes the flavor unique and more attractive.

Butter Recommendations

Butter can be divided into animal butter and vegetable butter, while animal butter is a natural fat. According to the New York Times, natural fats are healthier.

Animal butter is extracted from natural milk, while vegetable butter is made by adding artificial flavoring to hydrogenated vegetable oil, which has a harder taste and contains artificial trans fatty acids, which can affect your health when consumed in large quantities.

New Zealand butter is animal butter, does not contain pesticide residues, heavy metals, hormones and other harmful substances, the taste is mellow. But good things should not be consumed in excess. New Zealand butter has a fat content of about 82%, and excessive intake will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract.

Good butter makes the best quality delicious cookies

To some extent, the quality of butter determines the quality of cookies.

Cookies made with fermented butter are fluffy, sweet but not greasy, with a delicate taste, just like silk, feeling the cream melting in your mouth and melting between your lips and tongue. The rich creamy flavor comes from the fine cream extracted from high quality fresh milk, simple and extremely delicious.

Lowrey butter cookies are made with organic fermented butter from New Zealand, which has a higher purity of butter refining, without adding a drop of water, retaining the original mellow flavor of butter and a dense and smooth texture, different from the waxiness of ordinary butter. lowrey cookies are made with high quality wheat flour and corn starch, without adding any preservatives or coloring, following the authentic artisanal baking process, with precise ratios, so you can enjoy healthy and delicious.

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