The 12 Best Bakeries To Try In New Zealand (Updated 2024)

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New Zealand bakeries have one common feature, they are small in size. This has caused another phenomenon, there are bakeries everywhere in New Zealand, almost around the corner, you will come across an exquisite store. In New Zealand, it is very difficult to stand out from so many bakeries. If you come across any of the 12 famous bakeries listed in this article, don't miss the chance to taste them.

1. Lowrey Foods

Butter Cookies

Location: Auckland, NZ



Speciality: Butter Cookies

We may be a little biased but it's within good reason. Lowrey Foods is your go-to baker for artisan butter cookies. Located in Auckland but exclusively sold online, our butter cookies are known as the 'Hermes' of cookies. Enjoy the choice of six decandant flavours including original, coffee, matcha, raspberry, black sesame and chocolate. Each of which are worth trying in their own right.

2. Bluebells Cakery

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Location: 361 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland

Speciality: Naturally leavened sourdough

This small bakery has a big heart and an even bigger stomach for cakes. Now with two locations in Kingsland and Commercial Bay, it's renowned for its impeccable cake range. The cake bakers and stylists are very skilled and can make a variety of beautiful cakes. It's a favorite for local wedding cakes among other special ocassion cakes.

3. The Baker's Cottage

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Location:  2 New Bond Street, Kingsland, Auckland

Speciality: Traditional baked goods

This is the most popular bakery in the Kingsland neighborhood, and many families have given up baking their own bread at home because of it. The Baker's Cottage provides good value for money which makes the cakes and breads from this store even more attractive. It oozes a traditional bakery charm with all the staple bakery goods you'd expect and hope for. The general consensus is that the quality, taste and consumer experience is on point.

4. Billow

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Location: QuarterBank, 91b Devon St West, NP

Speciality: Naturally leavened sourdough

Billow Bakery shares a similar ethos to Lowrey Foods, with a focus on high quality ingredients. Located in New Plymouth, this bakery has an artistic temperament, as its founders include artists, and they've mastered the art of naturally leavened sourdough. The pastries made by this store are exceptional, and the soft and sticky texture attracts a lot of customers. They also provide a home delivery service, which greatly expands its consumer circle.

5. Little and Friday

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Location: 232 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
11 McColl Street, Newmarket

Speciality: All natural baked treats and bread

This quaint bakery focuses on wholesome and organic ingredients to make its wide range of baked treats and breads. Their goods are made with all natural ingredients, without any preservatives and additives, and the production process is also under strict supervision. You can also enjoy a range of chef prepared meals for a scrumptious dine-in experience to round-out your visit. The bread of this store is the best-selling staple product, and the variety of pastries is also very rich.

6. Shelly Bay Bakery

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Location: 133a Park road, Miramar, Wellington


Speciality: Organic sourdough

Using fresh, stoneground flour and an emphasis on high quality, organic ingredients, Shelly Bay Bakery create wholesome sourdough loaves and scrumptious treats. Their sourdough is a real crowd pleaser with its crunchy crust and light, airy filling. A must-try to stock up on if you're in Wellington.

7. Olaf's Artisan Bakery Cafe

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Location: 1 Stokes Road, Mount Eden Village, Auckland

Speciality: European-style bread

This is a multi-award winning bakery with a German flavour. The baker is a German who has more than 20 years of baking experience and has won many awards for his baking works. The most distinctive products of this store are European-style bread and muffins.

8. Ima Cuisine

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Location: 53 Fort Street, Auckland CBD

Speciality: Authentic Middle Eastern baked delights

This is a Middle Eastern style bakery owned by Middle Easterners, very exotic for New Zealanders. Their butter puff pastry is the most popular product, it is salted caramel flavor, and it is the must eat food in this store. In addition to this, this store is also a master of using butter and sells a series of classics including butter cookies.

9. Fairlie Bakehouse

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Location: 74 Main Street, Fairlie

Speciality: House-made pies

Fairlie Bakehouse is renowned for its outstanding, award-winning pies. These are gourmet pies unlike anything you can buy at the supermarket. Think perfectly flaky pastry encasing rich and chunky fillings to suit any taste. With a focus on local and seasonal produce, each pie is hand-filled so that the inside is always what you hoped for - rich, succulent and full of flavour. You can't go past their house speciality; the salmon and bacon pie.

10. La Petite Fourchette

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Location: G02/85 Daldy Street, Auckland

Speciality: French baked goods

This is a delactable French-style bakery with all the mouth-watering French cakes and puffs you could possibly hope for. In consumer reviews, this store has a high reputation, especially for the dessert macarons it makes. The care and attention that goes into crafting each pastry and treat almost makes them too good to eat!

11. Amano

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Location: 66 - 68, Tyler Street, Britomart Place, Auckland

Speciality: Croissants

This famous bakery has a cult-like following. Much loved for its cubic croissant and a place for creatives to snap Insta-worthy photos, you'll find the best of the best in pastries, breads and sweet baked goods here. You can even order them online for home delivery.

12. Daily Bread

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Location: Multiple locations

Speciality: Naturally leavened sourdough and rustic pastries

This store is said to have a history of 600 years; probably the oldest of all bakeries. This store focuses on the concept of environmental health, and everything from flour to yeast is all natural. One of its bakers has won the reputation of being the best baker in New Zealand. The store's yeast cakes, creamy custard and croissants are enduring classics. Thanks to their handmade, wholesome approach using the highest quality ingredients, you'll find some of the best sourdough you'll ever eat.


Naturally, we can't possibly give a shout out to ALL the best bakeries in New Zealand but this gives you a taster of some of our favourities. New Zealand may be a small country, but we're big on bakeries and have some world-class bakers doing amazing things here. You'll have no trouble finding and taste-testing delicious baked goods wherever you go!

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