The Top 5 Red Tin Cookie Brands You Will Absolutely Love

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"Secretly, the moon is an oversized cookie", a delicious cookie entrance in the afternoon is undoubtedly a fun moment in the lazy afternoon. Good cookies are always the same, but interesting cookies need to be one in a million. Here are the recommended red can cookies, just one bite is unforgettable, come pick your favorite one!

Lowrey Dionne's Red Can Cookies from New Zealand

Lowrey Dionne's is the national cookie of New Zealand, not only in New Zealand, but also at home and abroad, Lowrey inherited the ancestral recipe since 1921, following the unique and elaborate artisanal baking process, strictly select the all-natural production of ingredients New Zealand organic fermented butter (content of 42% or more), selected from the New Zealand origin of natural high-quality wheat flour, corn starch, pure ingredients, no artificial flavors, coloring, preservatives and other chemical ingredients, to achieve the most environmentally safe and natural pure taste.


The butter is the key to the taste and brand of the cookies. High-quality butter contains fat to provide the body with a lot of energy, and is conducive to the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E, improving the nutritional value of cookies. At the same time, high quality butter itself has a rich and creamy flavor, which can bring a multi-layered and rich taste to the cookies.


Most of the common cookies on the market use vegetable butter instead of the higher quality, more nutritious animal butter. Vegetable butter is margarine, soybean oil using hydrogenation technology, plus spices, to make butter traits, this margarine will produce trans fatty acids, posing a certain threat to human health. Animal butter is also divided into butter refined from milk and butter refined from cow fat, butter made from milk has the best texture, but because of the high price and scarce production, so the cookies made from this raw material on the market is not common.


Compared to ordinary butter, fermented butter is richer and more flavorful because of the addition of lactic acid bacteria fermentation to the process. New Zealand is one of the world's leading butter producers and has a significant position in the global butter market, producing butter that is the love of many consumers' tongues. Lowrey uses New Zealand's organic fermented butter extracted from the milk of its excellent farms, with a content of 42% or more, which is rich in nutrients and rich in taste. They are widely known as "the Hermes of cookies", "New Zealand's national treasure", "the world's best butter cookies", etc.


Lowrey cookies come in six flavors: Classic Original, Sweet Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, Mocha Coffee, Fresh Matcha, and Mellow Black Sesame, which are creamy, crispy, smooth, melt-in-your-mouth, and sweet without being greasy, making them the ideal choice for cookie lovers first and foremost. The classic original butter cookies are delicate, soft and creamy, and the raspberry cookies are the ceiling of the cookie industry, with the attractive raspberry fragrance and dreamy pink color, which makes people fall in love at first sight! Dark chocolate cookies are made with high-quality cocoa powder from the Netherlands, rich in 22% cocoa butter, with a mellow and smooth taste. Mocha coffee cookies are made from 100% Arabica coffee beans, with a rich coffee flavor and rich layers. Matcha Cookies are unforgettable with a sweet and refreshing aftertaste. Black sesame cookies are a must-have at home because they are nutritious for both young and old!

Lowrey cookies are packaged in a premium English red frosted iron sealed gift box, which not only keeps them fresh by isolating them from the air, but also has an elegant shape and excellent texture, making them a great choice for self-consumption and gift-giving!

Guangzhou Restaurant Red Can Cookies

Founded in 1935, Guangzhou Restaurant is an 87-year-old brand with a long history and is known as "the first food in Guangzhou", and has always been a must-have in the daily life of Guangdong families. With a history of nearly two decades, Guangzhou Restaurant's Red Can Cookies are loved for their excellent reputation and solid ingredients, and are considered the light of the nation.

Guangzhou Restaurant's Red Can Cookies are medium-sized, golden in color, and come in five different shapes, a collection of flowers, shells, and coils that exude an enticing aroma in their delicate shape. The ingredients are selected, including butter, wheat flour and eggs. After three stages of whipping and two baking temperatures, the seemingly simple ingredients blend like magic and then collide to create a mellow and delicious milk flavor. Each cookie is not only a delicious incarnation, but also full of childhood memories, making it unforgettable and memorable.

The cookies are packaged in a Chinese red red can gift box, which is a beautiful and eye-catching appearance, atmospheric and not losing the national trendy style, and is an essential refreshment for festivals and gatherings.

Gatton Red Can Cookies

Founded in 1926, Gatton is now a large-scale and advanced food enterprise in Hong Kong, known as "China's bright cake", and is a household name in Guangdong and even South China. Gatton Red Can Cookies are available in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, orange and almond, and come with coconut ring cookies and coconut shortbread cookies to satisfy cookie lovers' curiosity and taste buds.

Cookie 9 Red Can Cookies

Cookie 9, the ninth district of the cookie world, was established in 2015 as an up-and-coming brand, focusing on high-end handmade cookies, sweeping the country for a short time to become an unknown and unknown online and offline hot cookie brand, with branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing and Chongqing.

Cookie 9 specializes in using French dessert practices to deliver premium flavors by making all the wonderful flavors into a unique cookie. 2018 and 2019 won the Silver Award in Monde Selection World Food Quality Tasting Competition for two consecutive years; 2018 won the ITQI World Medal of Excellence in Deliciousness. 140 Michelin chefs jointly recommended. And co-branded with NASA Astronautics, British Museum, National Treasure, LV /GUCCI/MCM Royal Illustrators, famous domestic movies, international designers and artists to make cookies with distinctive flavors.

Cookie 9 Red Can Cookies are made with high-end ingredients of international standard: 100% Valrhona cocoa powder imported from France, which is the Hermes of chocolate and the official partner of the World Pastry Cup. Large cashews from 20 degrees north latitude countries and regions are selected to ensure a crispy taste and rich nutrition. It is also made from New Zealand's premium ranch Anja butter, which is creamy and rich. No added preservatives and trans fatty acids, handmade, the flavor is excellent and safe natural. The cookies are crispy and thick, and the chocolate flavor is rich, silky and delicate, with a rich and unforgettable taste.

Japan AKAI BOHSHI Red Hat Red Can Cookies

AKAI BOHSHI Red Hat is a part of TIVOLI Corporation of Japan. Japan is a country that believes in healthy eating and pursues a light food culture. The Japanese people's delicate, refined and fresh personalities are shown in AKAI BOHSHI Red Hat Cookies. There are as many as 16 flavors in this cookie, and each flavor and shape is unique, not too sweet, not too greasy, soft and crunchy.

The girl on the AKAI BOHSHI red hat cookie box is a reproduction of a 13th century princess of Tivoli, a small country in the German Confederation, with a dignified and happy face, which is loved by the world and is a symbol of happiness. It is loved by the world as a symbol of happiness. Japanese people like to give it as a gift for every wedding celebration. This gift box was also awarded the highest honor of Monde Selection 2013, the Grand Gold Award.

AKAI BOHSHI Red Hat Cookies are a unique blend of Japanese and Western highlights, with a beautiful shape and an even better taste, while putting deliciousness and health at the forefront. The variety and quality of the ingredients for these cookies are selected based on the "highest quality" criteria. The dried fruits come from the United States, Italy, Australia and other countries, the chocolate from Luxembourg, and the black tea from Sri Lanka. In addition, pecans rich in unsaturated fatty acids, brown rice or oats rich in dietary fiber, natural calcium, carotenoids, gastrointestinal function of Bifidobacteria and beet oligosaccharides are also used to ensure a scientific and rational mix for the benefit of body and mind. At the same time, the production process is also crucial. The cookie factory is located at the foot of Mount Fuji and is supervised by the first pastry chef in Japan with more than 20 years of experience and the title of Meister of German Pastry. Also, following the Japanese practice, the "Appreciation Date" is set on the packaging, which is the best time to taste, not the shelf life, to ensure that the taste and flavor of the food is experienced within the fresh date. The manufacturer said, "The quality of the food can be preserved for a year, but we set the best shelf life of only six months."

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