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The frost has passed, the early winter has come, with the cold air, we ushered in the coldest time of the year. The happiest thing in the winter is to nestle in the warmth and comfort of your home, eating snacks and catching up on the drama, feeling the only food and the comfort of the most heart-warming time, simply not too comfortable! Come and see which one of these is your favorite?

American Ritz Lay's Big Wave Potato Chips

American Ritz new big wave potato chips, three-dimensional unique shape, fuller taste, so you a bite of fresh flavor, doubly satisfied. Chew three even, unique wave, the taste is super rich, the taste is super crispy, crispy addictive, strong enjoy crunchy. Chase the drama away to a packet, a bite full of blood revitalization, instant vitality all open! Ultra-thin potato chips, ripple slices more interesting, salty and crispy taste endless.

Large wave using unique cutting method, retain the natural flavor of potatoes. Each piece of big wave is visible and audible sense of power, and it will take your taste buds by surprise, bringing a powerful experience to your mouth. The rich spicy and potato mellow aroma, large mouth spicy, rich, crispy, full of aroma, delicious to stop!

The new big wave potato chips have eight flavors to choose from: American classic original flavor, crispy grilled wings flavor, spicy peanut flavor, iron plate squid flavor, lemon hot and sour phoenix claw flavor, really thick tomato flavor, charcoal grilled five flowers flavor, the tip of the potato chips, challenge the limits of your taste buds!

Korea Samyang Samyang turkey noodles

Known for its spicy Korean Netflix snack Samyang turkey is always a must-have snack for winter dramas! The essential turkey noodles in Korean dramas are the perfect combination of romance and contrasting spicy flavors! The rich spicy taste makes the cold winter days less monotonous, with a variety of spicy flavors to choose from, brewed and ready to eat, conquering your picky taste buds!

Compared with traditional instant noodles, the turkey noodles are thicker and stronger in texture, and with the spicy sauce seasoning packet, the noodles immediately turn into a bright red color. The tingling spicy taste and the Q-stringent ramen noodles will make you want to stop eating each bite, and you will fall in love with it again and again, making it the perfect winter staple for catching up on dramas!

Korean Haepyo Seaweed

Korean Haepyo seaweed is a classic seaweed that no one in the seaweed industry knows, and has been on the top-selling list of seaweed snacks for years! It is rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins, and is a treasure trove of vitamins. Low-calorie, healthy, high-quality seaweed is the dark horse of the snack industry! Original, wasabi, squid and tomato flavors are nutritious and delicious, and the aroma is not greasy.

New Zealand Lowery's Red Tin Cookies

New Zealand Lowery Foods is committed to producing the world's most natural and delicious butter cookies, its handmade cookies can be called New Zealand's national cookies, not only in New Zealand's local favorite, but also famous at home and abroad, known as "the Hermes of cookies", "the world's most most delicious butter Cookies", "miss, will be the regret of this life", "the southern hemisphere's little bear Jenny", New Zealand's national treasure level accompanying gift", weight loss people's happiness stumbling block" called. One bite, crispy to the bottom of the heart, let the mellow and dense butter in the mouth lingering incessantly, people love it at first sight, is the perfect choice for winter drama!

Lowrey's Red Tin Cookies are made with 100% natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and are hand-baked by professional bakers in New Zealand, following a 100-year tradition of elaborate hand-baking.

Each of these flavors is indulgent:


The aroma of pure natural butter on the tip of the tongue, leaving a fragrance on the lips and teeth, melting in the mouth.


A tantalizing pink cookie with a dreamy cherry blossom pink coat, the superb value and just the right amount of slight sweetness and sourness make it impossible to stop sinking. The malic acid in raspberry is also an effective antioxidant, making it a treasure trove for both young and old.


The rich chocolate flavor is perfect for catching up on winter dramas and enjoying the taste.


Slightly lighter in color than chocolate chip cookies, the mellow coffee bean flavor is endless. After the mocha dissipates, it's a sweetness in the throat, a touch of relaxation in the cold winter and a quiet leisure in the light.


Imported Japanese matcha powder and New Zealand butter are carefully proportioned to combine the lightness and sweetness of matcha.

Black Sesame

Full of sesame aroma, each bite is full of healthy vitality, a great nutritious treat that every food lover should not miss, so delicious that you can't stop.

New Zealand Lowrey's Crunchy Cheese

New Zealand Lowrey's crunchy cheese balls are made from 100% Australian milk, freeze-dried with high technology to preserve the originality and integrity. Selected natural ingredients, no additives, preservatives and artificial colors, calcium content of 35% to 40% per gram, 37.2 grams of protein per 100 grams, known as a low-carb, high-protein snacks, healthy and delicious, and no need to refrigerate, no doubt is the first choice of snacks for cheese control drama! Chubby little ball, each covered with cheddar cheese powder, open the bag can smell the rich milk, bite open half a second will percolate fresh, full of milk feeling, mouth crisp, melt in the mouth. A thin slice can make the mouth a good while not boring. For the "Cheese is Power" cheese-lovers, this is a cheeseball not to be missed! Enjoy one bite and one ball! Happy into a ball!

New Zealand Lowrey's Nougat

New Zealand Lowrey's Nougat is a selection of New Zealand's top dairy products with a freshly baked, nutritious filling that is soft in the mouth, creamy and chewy, and not at all sticky to the teeth. The milk sugar part is just the right amount of softness and hardness, and the fusion of fruit grains helps to synthesize the flavor. Just one can feel full of satisfaction! Let the delicious taste of milk and nuts wind around your tongue, close your eyes and quietly recall, as if back to the long-lost cozy and quiet! With the delicious taste that has never been eaten on other nougat, "must buy again" is just a split second decision. Nougat is available in peanut and almond flavors to dominate your taste buds!

British Costa Light Milk Tea

Costa Light Milk Tea, a Coca-Cola brand, has become a popular internet sensation on all major platforms with its superb value and unique flavor! Low sugar and low fat can fully satisfy the taste buds at the same time, leaving behind the burden of "sweetness" to meet the health needs at all times! White peach oolong, lychee black tea, grape jasmine three flavors to let you "light" enjoy the comfort and ease, to bring the winter "light" sweet texture experience! Home to catch up with the drama can also easily achieve a pleasant body and mind tea freedom!

After reading these winter must hoard to enhance the happiness of small snacks, you have not started drooling? Then hurry up and "stock up" it! Although the winter is cold, but the food is always the most warm heart! In the cold winter, be sure to take care of yourself, do not forget to replenish calories ah!

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