Black Friday Deals 2022: Food, Skincare, Bags, Electronics & More

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A report from market research firm Blue Core shows that 58% of all purchases on Black Friday 2021 are impulse buys. People go on a dopamine-fueled shopping spree on Balck Friday, filling up their shopping carts and taking them home. However, after sobering up, people start returning the goods again, wasting time and energy. How can you reduce the cost and chances of impulse spending? The best choice is to do research in advance, but this is time-consuming, fortunately, here is a good recommendation, I hope to help you.

Black Friday goodies recommendation criteria

In Black Friday, the strength of discounts varies greatly from item to item, while people's expectations of discounts are very high. Previous years' Black Friday discount statistics show that people generally expect to get at least 50% off, while the global average discount on Balck Friday is only 24%.

In order not to become the lowest discount guide, this article recommends three indicators of good things, one is the quality, the second is the packaging, and the third is the discount strength. Here, quality is the first, accounting for the highest proportion, followed by packaging, discount strength accounted for the lowest proportion.

Food recommendations

New Zealand Lowrey's Home Cookies

Quality: Produced in New Zealand, Lowrey's Home Cookies are made with butter made from the milk of New Zealand grass-fed cows. In its ingredient list, the butter content is as high as 42% without any additives, and there are six flavors: matcha, original, dark chocolate, mocha coffee, raspberry and black sesame, which are known as the world's best cookies.

Packaging: Lowrey's Home Cookies are packaged in a beautiful round tin can with the characteristic pattern representing Lowrey's Home printed on the surface of the package, which is high-class and yet friendly. Available in four cans of five and eight cans, they are highly recommended either as a gift or for your own consumption.

Discount: 10% off 

Code: 10OFF

Quaker Oatmeal

Quality: Quaker Oatmeal is a whole grain food with 100% oat addition, retaining the bran, endosperm and germ, and using no less than 83 tests to ensure product quality during the production process.

Packaging: Quaker Oatmeal is available in aluminum bags, cans and plain bags with the classic brand image of a white-haired elder in Puritan garb with a hat printed on the surface of the package.

Discount: 15% off

Skincare recommendations

Chanel Hand Cream

Quality: The two core ingredients of Chanel Hand Cream formula are May Rose Wax and White Iris Extract, of which May Rose Wax is extracted from the exclusive flower fields of Chanel in Grasse, and Shea Butter, rich in fatty acids, is added to enhance the nourishing effect. As a traditional luxury brand, the quality of the product is guaranteed.

Packaging: Chanel hand creams are ergonomically designed in a unique bottle. Purchases are carefully packaged in the signature Chanel style, with no plastic in the packaging. Gift boxes and bags are 100% recyclable and made with FSC® certified paper and water-based inks and glues. The organizer bags are made of 100% cotton fabric.

Discount: 20% off

L'Oréal Gold Mini Honey Pot

Quality: L'Oréal's Gold Jars use tetrapeptides as the "key" to unlock the skin's vitality, helping to promote skin repair and strengthen the skin's foundation. L'Oréal guarantees the quality of their products through a daily product quality audit.

Packaging: The L'Oréal Gold Honey Pot has a unique design with a shimmering gilt color and a premium feel.

Discount: 30% off

Bag recommendation


Quality: CHLOE bag is a fashion favorite that has soared in popularity in recent years, with a delicate and dynamic, dreamy and romantic shape. Whether it is leather, hardware or workmanship everywhere can reflect the rigor of its brand.

Packaging: CHLOE on the packaging as always, in addition to providing CHLOE branded paper bags, will also be careful to protect the bag with a brown brand labeled dust bag.

Discount: 20% off


Quality: The quality of the COACH bag is currently well known, durable and convenient design and the high quality of the teacher's production is the key to winning this reputation.

Packaging: Coach's counters offer sophisticated boxes and linen or silk dust bags, as well as tote bags. However, these packages are not available for purchase at outlets.

Discount: 50% off

Electronics recommendation


Quality: The Apple brand comes with an aura, and as the head product of laptops, the Macbook sits firmly at the top of the heap in terms of system, running speed, stability and battery life. There are no concerns about buying or not buying it, only questions about when to buy it.

Packaging: As always, it is simple and Apple style.

Discount: There is no discount for regular users on the latest model, but there is a 10% discount for educational users.


Quality: The quality of the new iPhone can be judged by the number of people in line and the frenzy of scalpers after its release every year. Many people are still using the iphone 6 even now.

Packaging: iPhone's packaging has always led the trend of cell phone packaging. From 2021 onwards, the new iphone will not be wrapped in plastic film, more environmentally friendly.

Discount: Older iPhones will have a discount of about 10%


Social psychologist Laura Brannon said "limiting the opportunity to buy something at a big discount makes people more eager for that opportunity." This is the FOMO phenomenon, which makes people think irrationally. black Friday (black Friday) firmly grasps this psychology.

This article recommends 8 items in 4 broad categories, a tiny fraction of the millions of items that fall short. However, I hope it is like a compass, though it is very simple, but it can make you identify the direction.

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